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About iMIND


Contemporary technologies make it possible to describe a disease in exquisite detail, at the cellular, genetic and molecular levels. New technologies also make it possible to look more deeply at the mechanisms of disease, and develop new therapies based not on a disease’s manifestation as in the past, but on its underlying biology.


We are introducing a fundamentally new approach to biomedical research here in Johns Hopkins iMIND. Our members will define, develop and demonstrate a research model which:


1. accelerates discovery through close integration of basic science with clinical and data sciences;


2. identifies biological mechanisms that underlie not just one disease, but several different diagnoses;


3. closes the “valley of death,” the gap between laboratory findings and patient care, in which drug development typically slows, stalls or dies;


4. develops multi-diagnostic interventions that can benefit patients whose different disease share common manifestations, driven by the same biological mechanisms


Please support our work in developing new modalities in Johns Hopkins iMIND, which will be important for understanding our brain, leading to effective mental welfare matching with physical health. Check back frequently for news and updates. Please donate generously to help further our projects which will contribute to a better quality of life for many patients and their families.

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